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Join Analytics is changing the way artificial intelligence and machine-learning solutions help pharma & biotech businesses across the world innovate and grow. On top of our software engineering and data science leadership, our scientific background in chemistry and life sciences set us apart from the competition. We listen to you, understand your problem and solve your challenges with unique data-driven capabilities.

Contact us today for machine learning solutions, data engineering, data visualization, cloud infrastructure, product design guidance, or technology consulting services.

What kind of services do we offer?

Join Analytics uses AI and machine-learning solutions to help pharma & biotech businesses across the globe accelerate their R&D. You can come to our data analytics company for:

Machine learning for pharma and biotech: Support new therapies, diagnostics and biomedical devices with a data-driven approach;

Knowledge graph: Add meaning and semantics to your data, make use of the most efficient graph-based machine learning algorithms, discover hidden/complex relationships in your data sets (find out more about knowledge graphs);

Scientific and technological consulting and advising: Challenge our team to discover a unique solution to your biggest obstacles in R&D. For instance, Join Analytics can provide efficient pipelines and accurate models to improve your drug-discovery processes.

Our solutions involve state-of-the-art database technologies, cloud infrastructure and dashboards. We provide end-to-end solutions, from prototyping to deployment, and support to our clients.

Your success is important to us, and we work hard to improve your results. Schedule an appointment with us to go over your options.

Serving our clients worldwide

We serve clients across the US, Brazilian, and European markets. This enabled us to grow an outstanding network of knowledge experts that in return enriches all the clients we serve.

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