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We are Join Analytics, a data analytics company founded by scientists, operating across the American, Brazilian and European markets. We offer a variety of deeptech services, including knowledge graphs, machine learning solutions, scientific and technical consulting.
We listen to you, understand your problem, and develop a unique solution.





"Nintx selected Join Analytics, an international data science company that offers a multitude of cutting-edge computational methodologies to create value from data. With so many possibilities to choose from in Brazil's biodiversity, Nintx's objective is to build a knowledge-graph solution together with Join Analytics to make the selection of medicinal plants systematic and data-driven as opposed to serendipitous and arbitrary. The solution, validated by Google and other bigtechs, but pioneer in this context, will provide multiple data source integration, graph algorithms, semantic querying, and rich data visualization, increasing the probability of success of the selected discovery projects and reducing attrition in R&D. Join Analytics has been outstanding in translating our scientific requests into working solutions."

Cristiano Guimarães, PhD

CSO & Founder, Nintx


"NXT is a medical device incubator focused on solving large unmet needs in healthcare. We were facing a significant challenge with robustly analyzing a large dataset from several animal experiments due to time constraints incubating multiple projects. We reached out to Join Analytics to help us implement an algorithm to find distinct physiologic data and to correlate it to another signal. Join helped us develop a robust analysis routine that could be used for multiple animal experiments. We are very happy to have chosen Join to lead the charge on data analysis, and most importantly, they are a very easy group to work with."

Joe Passman

Principal R&D Engineer, NXT Biomedical

Virtido Center

"Join Analytics blends a unique combination of deep knowledge of the life sciences with the rigor of data science, and then offers scalability of this valuable knowledge via their software development talent pool. Their focus on building knowledge graphs in Pharma R & D will help to accelerate discovery timelines for new drugs - all the more important now more than ever due to the pandemic. As the Center´s life sciences startup, we are excited by the promise of new doors in this industry that can be opened with their capabilities benefiting the end consumer - the man on the street!"

Renu Ann Joseph, PhD

Head, Virtido Center for Data Science & AI